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Sensory Sports, Inc.

 Therapy Services for Children

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Sensory Sports provides a loving therapeutic program consisting of sensory-motor, gross-motor, ocular-motor, fine-motor and strengthening activities for overall improved functioning at school, at home and at play. Each child’s abilities are screened using the H.E.L.P. (Hawaii Early Learning Program) as well as assessed using the “TOOL” for hand-writing skills on children over 5 years old. Our goal is to encourage, motivate and facilitate each precious child’s ability to excel in each area of motor skill development so that they can perform well in school, gain motor skills and strength, improve initiation, as well as socialize with their peers.

Sensory Sports goes beyond traditional therapy by integrating the best strategies from sensory integration, neuro-developmental treatment, vision therapy, motor learning, and strengthening of specific muscle groups to increase motor skill performance. Sensory sports will also incorporate strategies from “Handwriting Without Tears” and “The Write Stuff” to help each child write letters and numbers more efficiently, with improved speed, sequencing, control and legibility. At Sensory Sports, all activities encourage cooperation and empower each child to beat the clock rather than each other.

Sensory Sports tackles social challenges by giving each child opportunities to lead. For example, each child can be the leader of a band, or lead in the construction of an obstacle course, or lead the group in a parachute activity. Each child also grows socially by the opportunity to play with other children who face similar challenges. This allows your child to feel confidence and joy that he/she is not alone but rather part of a group.

Your child is important to us at Sensory Sports. We want to provide wisdom, strength, hope and support that will positively empower your child. We also will provide sibling opportunities to facilitate unity of the family. Sensory Sports is a loving therapeutic program. Our goal is to enable your child to be the best he/she can be physically, academically, and socially. Parents and Sensory Sports staff, together we will enable your child to do great things.