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Sensory Sports, Inc.

 Therapy Services for Children

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Does your child...  


…have decreased eye contact?
…have trouble taking turns or following game rules?
…have trouble socializing with peers?
…have problem carrying a conversation with other children?
…have difficulty staying on task?
…lose focus when interacting in a multi-sensory environment
…have difficulty playing catch and throw?
…have difficulty riding a bike?
…have difficulty with writing/fine motor skills?
…have trouble with balance or coordination?
…appear clumsy or constantly bumps into objects?
…receive OT, PT, or ST?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,

Your child is important to us at Sensory Sports. We want to provide wisdom, strength, hope and support that will positively empower your child. Sensory Sports provides a loving therapeutic program consisting of sensory-motor, gross-motor, ocular-motor, fine-motor and strengthening activities for overall improved functioning at school, at home and at play. Our goal is to enable your child to be the best he/she can be physically, academically, and socially. Sensory Sports staff, together with you, will form a team that will encourage your child to do great things.